who we are

In 2004 Kupuna Kahauanu Lake named our work Hilopaʻa, to "braid firmly" the service system for our children, youth, family, and self advocates.  This concept exemplifies the driving force behind our work to bring together our health community as well all work together to move the system forward.  

In 2007 the Hawai‘i Pediatric Association Research and Education Foundation (HPAREF) in collaboration with Family Voices of Hawai‘i, partnered together to form the Hilopa‘a Family to Family Health Information Center.

In 2017, Hilopaʻa Family to Family, Inc. was established as a non profit corporation in the state of Hawaiʻi and is pending itʻs 501c3 approval from the IRS.  

Hilopa‘a is your one-stop for information and referral, technical assistance and training.  This Center is staffed by parents and friends of children with special health care needs. We provide free, confidential assistance to families and self advocates and the professionals who serve them.